The Proper Fit for Every Foot

People commonly wear shoes that are too small, too tight or limit their mobility, but we’re here to help find the right shoe for you! At Accu Ped, we have footwear professionals that personally fit you with the appropriate shoe for you and your needs.

Proper footwear is also a contributing factor to the success of orthotics. We can fit orthotics to almost any type of shoe, boot or sandal, and we always ensure your orthotics fit properly before you leave.

We also provide footwear modifications – such as lifts and rocker soles – right in our on-site lab! From dress to casual, almost any footwear can be modified to suit your needs. Let us know if you have an orthopedic shoe that needs repair as well, we may be able to help.

We carry many types, styles, and colours in stock, including high-quality footwear made by: